My mom is coming for a visit! 

Because of various work, travel, and financial situations, and because we live across the country from each other, we haven’t seen each other in two years. Two years!

To atone for this terrible business, we’re going to have make it an extra special trip. I want to show my mom a really good time, and need money to do it.

I’m not having a fundraiser or kickstarter or any of that, I’m doing this the good, old fashioned way - CAPITALISM. I just packed my online store with fabulous new items - new jewelry, new accessories, new art. And now it is up to you go buy all this incredibly rad yet pleasantly affordable stuff, designed and handcrafted by yours truly. And heads up, jewelry makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. You’ll be happy, your sweetheart will be happy, and mom will be happy.

And rest assured, all funds not used for #momfest will be used to show my dad a good time (and, you know, to pay my rent and bills, etc). SO GO BUY MY AWESOME THINGS! GO BUY MY AWESOME THINGS RIGHT NOW!

My family and I thank you.